Play is an intrinsic part of our lives - it helps us learn, share, communicate and grow. Looking into the importance of games for health.


What next?

I have always wanted to be a fortune teller, the very idea awakens my gypsy soul - so join me on a journey using the past to understand the future, following the words of a very wise man. ' The further backward you can look, the further forward you can see.' Thank you Winston Churchill...


Get Your Game On

Yes, it's time to get your game on people! Time to get together and create games for health. It is the future of now.  Games are perfectly suited to help people with mental health conditions and people undergoing physical and mental rehabilitation....


Gaming: what a brain changer

Games have always been part of our story, part of our cultural learning. Vikings, for example, played all sorts of games, some were even like baseball and rugby we play today! They would have been tough rugby opponents for sure...