Exploring the power of storytelling and words - from emojis to hashtags, to music to placebos, and all things in between.


Full circle - emoji and the evolution of language

A friend recently asked a group of us at dinner 'Am I meant to read all those little pictures and funny faces that people text me, are they part of the message?' - she received a resounding 'Yes' from all of us.


For me the pure magic of music, is in its storytelling ability. Music is a universal language, which allows us to feel, connect and communicate beyond any differences of culture, language, gender, religion or race. Music can tell a story and leave you emotionally spent like any great novel.



So how did the humble number sign become such a big part of our lexicon? And why is there sometimes so much emotion around its use? #let'stalkhashtags


Communication is so powerful, it can make you sick

Placebo Power is part of ABC Radio National's All in the Mind series, exploring exactly what its title suggests. The podcast is a cracker and I loved hearing about the power of the placebo and how it all works. Unexpectedly, it really got me thinking about the power of communication.