Writer. Storyteller. Curious about the world. Values kindness. Lover of ideas. Full of wonder.
Curious Muse.

It is okay to grow while people are watching.

This blog, previously called Brandology Mama, started as me 'thinking out loud' about the science of branding and nurturing brands, in response to those who asked for more after I presented at a conference. It quickly grew into something completely different, which caught me by surprise. But hey, sometimes you just don’t know what the universe has in store for you - or what you are capable of until it happens. And it is okay to grow and change direction, while people are watching. Growth is a journey, not a destination.

The posts in Brandology Mama moved from being about branding and a small collection capturing my industry presentations, to my musings about communication, philosophy, how our brain works, the art of writing, and being human. After a pause, my writing self woke different. Her voice had changed, and she was in need of a new name. And this is how Curious Muse came to being.

Curious Muse is where I go when the writing calls. Where the ideas in my head spill out. Where my reading and my imagination collide. Where I get to let out the philosophy geek inside of me. Where curiosity thrives. Where I can practise the magic of storytelling (which is kind of like practising to ride a bike when you were young - with a couple of spills and falls here and there, and then at other times enjoying the wind on your face as you ride fast down a hill and experience an exhilarating rush of pure joy). Curious Muse is where I get to advocate for kindness. Where I get to explore the idea of fitting into the skin of your authentic self.

Kristina Garla

A little bit about me

I have worked in the field of marketing and communications for nearly 30 years, across a number of industries including education, health, charities, human rights, finance and the arts. Yep, a bit of a mixed bag. But I simply brought with me to each new area my constants. That is, my love of: writing, the art of communication, kindness, being an agent for change, curiosity and storytelling.

At work I write strategy, campaigns, marketing and communication plans, editorial for collateral or web, media releases, social media posts, web stories, critical incident communications and more. At home I write poetry, plays, short film scripts, blog posts, social media posts, lists, letters, reflections, cards, short stories, children books, notes, a novel, a non-fiction book, speeches, memoirs and more. I am a writer. I have always been a writer. I write for work. I write for love. I write for life.