Looking at how these universal characters we understand through our collective unconscious can shape our world and our understanding. 


The magic of storytelling

Like many people, I love a good story. It is through story telling that we give 'shape and meaning' to our experiences. Stories help us understand the mysteries of life, our universe, the seasons and life cycles. Importantly, story telling provides a social order to things, like the direction of morality.


Using the archetype wheel to build a well rounded digital brand

The archetype wheel can be an extremely useful tool for helping guide the development of your digital brand. To demonstrate how it works I will share how I used this wheel in my post analysis of Epworth HealthCare's digital brand development journey.


The philosophical muse: Nietzsche and his relevance today

Inspired by someone I know who has discovered the beauty of philosophy I started to read Birth of Tragedy again to see if after 27 years Nietzsche would still sing to me, and he did. What a serenade.