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Nietzsche’s other lover

Nietzsche is described as loving Lou Andreas-Salomé. He loved her with all his heart. But Lou was not the only love affair to define him. Another had a significant influence on his work. Nietzsche was in love with the ancient mysticism of Eastern Philosophy. A love he was true to, in his writings.


Nietzsche and his relevance today

Inspired by someone I know who has recently discovered the beauty of philosophy I started to read Birth of Tragedy again to see if after 27 years Nietzsche would still sing to me, and he did. What a serenade!

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The love of mandalas

There is such beauty and mysticism in mandalas. There is also universal healing. Exploring Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious, his chosen archetype for the whole self. Tapping into the deeper layer of unconsciousness to free your authentic self and improving our collective mental health.