Happy Birthday my dear friends


Today, the 10th day of October (the 10th day of Blogtober) is a birthday festival. I have three of my closest friends celebrating their birthdays today. So, I thought it might be kind of cute to write them a birthday blog! I bet they never got one of those before. I love birthdays. They are super special. The day we celebrate our coming into life as we know it. And of making it this far! I am going to do this alphabetically, so there are no fights later about favouritism.


Just because it is your birthday Greg, does not give you permission to wear your birthday suit indiscriminately around the house, in the garden or in public. Don’t subject your family to anything unnecessary, even though it is technically your special day. Well actually, your special day you share with your beautiful wife, because she has the same birthday. You know, if I was the limerick writing kind of girl, I would write you one. What the heck, it’s your birthday, let’s give it a go! (Remember, limericks are meant to be rude, and this is the first limerick I have ever written, and perhaps the last! Ingrid, I apologise in advance.)

There once was a man from Humpty Doo
A place so warm, your shoes turn to goo.
Met a lady so hot,
He loves her a lot.
Which is why, all they do is rumpy-pumpy ooh!

But jokes aside Chewbacca, I hope you have a wonderful day. No doubt you will be out and about creating and building more fabulous stuff, and thinking up amazing designs, and having a good laugh, while making us all giggle at yet another hilariously inappropriate post on social! Thank you for always believing in me. For your support. For understanding who I am. For loving me, regardless.


“We should consider every day lost, in which we have not danced at least once.” Friedrich Nietzsche

You, my beautiful friend, are special. I have never met someone so kind, loving and positive about life. You have taught me so much about self worth; how to stand with dignity and grace in suffering; and how to have fun in every moment. You make a mean cocktail. You are a sly poker player. And I love how you can dance the night away with such an abundance of energy. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Grateful to know you. To have the honour to grow old alongside you as a dear friend. You are a giving soul, who helps people every day to be their healthiest and their strongest. So, my birthday wish for you is long lasting love and joy. May you never lose your sparkle. May you always hold your grace. May you dance every day, even if only on the inside. May sunshine always rest gently on your shoulders along your journey in life (and may their always be a beach nearby and a cocktail in your hand).


“What a joy, to travel the way of the heart.” Rumi

Ms Community. Thank you for being you. For knowing the value of bringing people together. Whether it be for book clubs, dinners, drinks, bike rides, a walk, a holiday or simply a cup of tea. Your door is always open. Your heart is always open. A wonderfully talented artist, with much to share with the world. Your lighthearted nature always present in the way you skip along the path of life. A smile for everyone. A hug if needed. Wise words of counsel too. Often taking the time to pause along the way to notice and enjoy the beauty around us, in every moment. What a delight you are to be around. The depth of your friendship is always felt, your generosity of spirit always the first to greet us. A traveller through books and a traveller in life. You bring colour and texture to ours with the stories you share. Fearless. You follow your heart. Loyal. You are the pearl of a friend we all hope to discover in this deep sea dive called life.

So, happy birthday to each of you my friends. I hope you have a glorious day. This, the anniversary of when you first welcomed the world with your cries as newborn babies as you each filled your lungs and took your first breath. And, from that moment on, with each breath you have brought light to our lives. Thank you.